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March 2023

You finally finished your tax return and just when it's finally off your mind you get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service letting you know you're being audited. Not all audits result in you having to pay more money to the IRS. Nevertheless, you may panic if get a letter. Are you going to have to pay a big fine?...

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An inheritance tax is a tax imposed by some states on the recipients of inherited assets. In contrast to an estate tax, an inheritance tax is paid by…


If you're in a situation where debt is negatively affecting your life, you're probably looking to get out of it fast. Read on to learn why it's…


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Whether a spouse or non-spouse is named the beneficiary of an individual retirement account (IRA) when the IRA owner dies, the current tax law allows…



"I need something to relieve my stress. Can you prescribe some money?"

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