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Spring 2023

The home office tax deduction allows self-employed individuals and remote workers to deduct certain expenses related to their home office. However, not all expenses are eligible for deduction. It's important to understand which expenses you can deduct and how to calculate the deduction accurately. In this article…

Small Business Trends

Cozy Office

Your credit score plays a big role in your financial life. It can determine what loans you're eligible for, what rental properties you can secure…

SF Gate

Nobody's ever going to refuse a monthly check for $1,827. But let's face it: That's not a ton of money. That is the value of the average monthly Social…

The Ascent

Working with Financial Documents

In a world designed to make you spend, saving money is tricky. If you're in debt or have trouble keeping your spending in check, you might benefit…



"Stocks plummeted today to a near-record low because that's what stocks do sometimes."

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